You have something very special to offer the world. It’s time to discover it, pursue it, and share it proudly. 
It's easy to get caught up walking through the motions letting pointless tasks, to do lists, and people pleasing take over your schedule…. Doing what's expected, & saying over and over again, "Someday I'll do what I really want to do.” 

But the longer you wait... the more likely you are to feel anxiousness, restlessness, and a sense of discontentment in your life. The more likely you are to lose touch with what you really want. 

One of the greatest pains in life is that of unused potential….And the sad truth is, if you never figure out what you really want to do, or are fully capable of… you will probably feel lost, stuck, or unfulfilled your whole life. 
And life is way too short for that.
Learn ways to strengthen and ground yourself from the inside out with these perspectives, mindset tricks, and habits.
Activities to reconnect you to your true self and give you more clarity for purposeful living 

Discover what's holding you back, lies you have been living, release them, and begin to rewrite the narrative of your life 
Activities to help you gain more clarity around your heart's true desires and discover your area of excellence - your true genius zone in life.  
Steps to pull everything together so you can create a more intentional and actionable plan to live out 
your calling in life. 

 Ways to maintain momentum so 
you can continuously live your 
greatness in life 

This course is for people who are feeling stuck, disconnected and unfulfilled in their life. For people who are ready to stop walking through the motions in life and take steps towards their true potential and purpose in life. 

I know how confusing and lonely these transitional times in life can be. This program is meant to help you feel less alone and gain more clarity in pursuit of what your heart truly desires.

Discover what your heart truly desires, release what is holding you back, live with more energy, and create a plan for a deeper sense peace, happiness, and fulfillment in your life. 
"Working with Nicole has been amazing from the start. With each meeting, whether virtual or in person, Nicole makes sure there is a plan in place, that you have certain things or tasks that you will be focusing on. Working with Nicole is not someone just telling you what to do, but almost this guiding force. Nicole is just the person you want at your side, with her open-hearted perspective giving you that nudge you need to push on and break down the scary walls you set up for yourself. She helps you see the solution. Nicole is the calm demeanor that puts you at ease and helps you basically get over your damn self. Working with Nicole is a decision you will never once regret." Michelle

Happiness and life feels a little forced right now. - You’ve accomplished quite a bit in life and from the outside looking in, life looks great. People would say you are successful and have a great life even. 

But deep down it feels fake and forced.. Almost like you are living a lie. 

You can’t help but think that you should feel happy, proud, and successful... but really you feel bored, disconnected, physically, and mentally drained. 

You’re easily distracted by things that don’t give you a sense of meaning and feel stuck on what your next steps should be.

You’re ready to commit to your next big thing, believe that you are capable of it, and know you have everything it takes to make it’re just not sure what that next big thing is, or how to actually get started.

It’s becoming a vicious, overwhelming, and lonely cycle of low confidence, confusion, and unhappiness.

Now you feel all this pressure to figure it out, but at the same time almost paralyzed to action. 

I’m here to help you feel less alone, gain more clarity, and guide you through this confusing time.

"I’ve never felt more optimistic about my journey than I do today. I feel so good in my own skin, confident in my dreams, and motivated in the pursuit of them. And surprisingly, life finally feels calm and content for once even though I’m still juggling all of the work I was before. Nicole helped me get laser focused on a vision for my life, the right vision, my vision, not the one someone else crafted for me, and that has changed everything. If you are considering life coaching, all I can say is you will never regret it. Working with Nicole is worth its weight in gold. I wish I would have found her sooner. I look forward to having this amazing woman in my life for many years to come." - Miranda Allen 
We all go through transitional times in life….Times where we start to question who we are, what we want, what makes us happy, what we’re really meant for. They can be confusing, lonely, and messy… but also wildly transformative... if you lean into them.

Sadly it usually takes a traumatic event for people to wake up to how precious life is and actually lean into it... For you to see things more clearly and take action towards your true happiness and greater purpose in life. But it doesn’t have to. 

Hi! I’m Nicole, your wake up call and guide to Higher Level Living. I created this course after years of trial, error, and wake up calls in my own life. 

You could say that regardless of relentless adversity, trauma, and odds being stacked against you... I’m living proof that it’s possible to go from numb and walking through the motions in life, to inner peace, happiness, and purposeful living. To thriving at Higher Levels in life.

After being diagnosed with cancer 3 times before the age of 30, and losing some of the people closest to me to cancer, I became relentlessly committed to all things wellness, personal growth, and living life on purpose.  I left behind a successful corporate career to pursue my own heart’s true desires, started a business, and became a certified life coach. Now I’m here helping you to do the same.

While I don’t wish the adversity, trauma, and fear I’ve experienced in my life on anyone... I do wish I could share the powerful lessons and perspectives that have come out of them. Our experiences truly give us some of the greatest lessons in life. Over the last 5 years I’ve taken the time to dig deep on my own experiences and what helps people live more purposefully in life. 

Now after years of research, coaching certification programs, personal and client experience... I’m opening up this course to you for more purposeful living in your own life. 
The goal of this course is to help you gain more clarity for purposeful action in your life. 

To help you go from stuck, disconnected, and unfulfilled in life to connected, happy, confident, energized, and fulfilled. 

I know how confusing and lonely these transitional times in life can be. This program is meant to help you feel less alone and gain more clarity in pursuit of what your heart truly desires.

I guide you through the process of reconnecting to yourself so you show up as your true self in life for LASTING peace, happiness, and fulfillment in your days.  

We only get one, very special life, and it's ours for the taking. 

Refuse to get caught up walking through the motions. 
Refuse to limit yourself because of your fears. 
Refuse to crumble in the face of adversity.
Refuse to look back on what could have been. 

Let me help you gain the clarity you are looking for so you can define your true purpose and pursue all you’re capable of.  
Once you sign up you will be sent a course prep guide to help you confidently jump into the exciting journey you have ahead .

You will be granted access to the online course so you can get started as soon as you are ready .

The course is self paced, so you are able to take your time on each activity, and fully apply all you are learning for transformative shifts in your life.
The lessons will be staggered - each week a new part will be unlocked to ensure ACTION & APPLICATION

 (also to prevent all you personal growth junkies from running ahead before applying the activities and lessons to your life)…. 

Speaking from experience and doing you a favor here! ;)

At the end of the course you will feel reconnected, know what it means to live from a place of truth/authenticity, have more clarity around your strengths and greater purpose in life, and have an actionable plan to take those next steps so you can live out your calling in life. Sign up now at the link below & get started!

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↠ Course Content Delivered in Video Training Modules & Worksheets 

↠ Video modules broken down into 6 part course with 10 weekly video lessons 

↠Video lessons designed to give you life coaching from afar - with steps to help you reconnect to yourself, discover your heart’s true desires, release what is holding you back, and gain more clarity on your next steps in life so you can create an actionable plan for the future 

↠ Worksheets delivered weekly as a pdf to guide you through activities for more self awareness, transformative shifts, planning and action in your life  

↠ Access to the Facebook Community where I will be joining you live to give further guidance on the course activities. Also a place for you to ask questions, share your work, progress, seek advice, and connect with other people ready to level up and live with more purpose in life. 

↠ Early Access for all new programs, workshops, or retreats

↠ Access to all materials for life
Jump into the course on your own and use it to lead you to more clarity around your hearts desires and life purpose. 
$197 to purchase the course & enroll now
Life is way too short to play it small and hold yourself back from everything you’re capable of. Sign up for Clarify your Calling and make 2019 the year your life fully begins.
Nicole O’Neill is a Higher Level Living coach on a mission to wake people up to their true potential and how precious life is. 

After being diagnosed with cancer 3 times before the age of 30, she became relentlessly committed to all things wellness, personal growth, and living life on purpose. 

She left behind a successful corporate career to pursue her heart’s true desires, started a business, and became a certified life coach. Now she’s your guide to Higher Level Living. 

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